Those anglers visiting Cody Country intimidated by the fast-flowing rivers and streams can find solace in the fact that there are many stillwater fishing opportunities within a reasonable driving distance from North Fork Anglers.

Stillwater fishing in the Rockies is not passive. Expect to find larger than average trout in most of our stillwater fisheries below 7200 feet. Above that, there are places to find lunker trout, but most are just great fun on 2-4 weight fly rods.

Fishermen preferring all types of angling tactics have discovered the treasures found in local ponds and reservoirs. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has stocked many of these water storage impoundments with a variety of trout. Due to the mineral content of the mountainous soils, the water in these man-made lakes are rich with aquatic insects and crustaceans. This aquatic bio-diversity translates into good to trophy sized trout in most of these impoundments. For the fly fisherman, this also translates into a rod-bending great time.

Most impoundments are found on public lands and are open to the public.

And for unsurpassed beauty and crowd-free fishing, there's the Beartooth Mountain lakes. The Beartooth Mountain range has dozens and dozens of lakes found in the high altitude glacier plateau of the Beartooths.

Newton Lake

EAST NEWTON LAKE has become very popular with the catch and release angler because this body of water is managed as a trophy fishery by the Wyoming Game and Fish. Brown trout, rainbow, brook trout and splake (a hybrid, sterile cross between brook and lake trout) cruise East Newton and provide an angling experience not soon forgotten by those fortunate enough to hang a hook in the lips of the numerous trout over twenty inches in this lake. Flies and lures only are the rules, no bait fishing allowed. Float tubes, one-man pontoon boats and stalking the banks are several ways our guides put guests into trout. Midges, caddis, damselfles, scuds, mayflies and chubs make for interesting fishing as you ply the entire water column. Come out and find why East Newton Lake has been called the crown jewel of stillwaters for Cody.

Beartooth Mountains

If solitude and a wilderness experience is more of what you envisioned when first spying the mountains jutting from the plains, a trip to the Beartooth Mountains is just what the fish doctor ordered. Many lakes are within a hundred yards or so from the road. Others require a hike of miles and some effort to find, but the fishing is usually worth the effort.

North Fork Anglers offers guided trips into the most productive of these high mountain lakes. Daily hike-ins, or overnight backpacking trips are offered for your choice. If you want to do it yourself, stop in the fly shop and one of our staff will direct you to the lakes most likely to produce action. We highly recommend you spend some time exploring, especially if you are on of those anglers wanting to get away from the crowds and experience the wilds of Wyoming first hand. Remember to pack bear spray and insect repellent since both of these biting critters inhabit the wilderness areas. The Beartooths are rugged and wild. To be prepared is good advice.

Private Waters

If you are the angler that prefers to have every fish you catch be a big one, there are also pay-to-fish reservoirs within a short drive from Cody. Each of these are managed differently. Please contact us for details.

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