Chase trout on the Shoshone River, Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone, Soda Butte Creek & Yellowstone Park.

The Waters

Some of the finest trout fishing in the entire United States is found in the Northwestern quarter of Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park. In this "Golden Ring", you will find big rivers with deep pools, pristine spring-fed creeks, slow meadow streams, magnificent lakes and angling experiences to last a lifetime. We proudly call this North Fork Country. And for a good reason, according to our friends from other places that have shared our waters. Sixteen inch fish, on the average! , is hard for most anglers to believe. Of course, the trout aren not all that big, some are much larger and some definitely smaller, but wild trout are the main reason to be in the water. "Just as wild as the grizzlies and as strong as the steelies," we like to say. The best part in all this - these trout love to fight all the way to the net! If they hang around for a picture, well, that is a good thing in North Fork Country.

Whether you float them, wade them or take a wilderness trip by horse back, you will find fishing dreams are made of - fishing you thought no longer existed! Fly fish all the major hatches - mayflies, caddis, stoneflies and midges emerge during the long season in North Fork Country. Often, you and your friends are the only fishermen on the water. Savor the solitude and marvel at the abundant wildlife with our experienced guides as they put you in the right place, at the right time, for the right fish!

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