North Fork

May 24, 2018 9:00 am

Closed From Gibbs Bridge to Newton Creek Campground.

The recent warm weather has the snow melting and the feeder streams dumping muddy water into the North Fork. It is going to be a while before the North Fork is fishing good again unless we get some cold weather that lasts a few days. When the water clears the flies noted below will work. Looking forward to a great year on the NF with the amount of snowfall we received this winter up high. Go ahead give us a call and get lined for a trip of a lifetime this summer!!!

CFS: 6260

Flies:  Sparkle Stones, Shagadelic’s, Halfbacks, Double bead stones, Pats Rubber legs, North Fork Specials, San Juan Worms, Big Jigged Soft hackles, 20 inchers, Bitch Creeks, and egg patterns.


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