Lower Clarks Fork

April 20, 2019 9:00 am

The Clark’s Fork is open and fishable.  Paint and Pat O’hara creeks have been spewing snowmelt and turbid water into the river on or after warm day so its better to fish above the Beartooth Ranch State Land area to the mouth of the canyon.  Nymphing with medium size to smaller bead-heads (Size 10-20) through the medium/fast riffles should keep your rod bent with trout and whitefish once the water warms up mid-morning. Lots of insects hatching now that the water temps are in the high 40’s, low 50’s. Caddis, large mayflies and smaller stoneflies are flying around. Fishing a dry could be very productive midday to late afternoons. Just match the hatch!!

CFS: 375

Flies for the lower Clark Fork: An assortment of midge and blue-winged dries, emergers and nymphs for midday have been productive on Walk/Wade Trips this week. The rest of the time, large rubber-legs in black, brown or purple are good if trailed by a black or Redhead North Fork Special, purple soft hackle jig flies, Prince nymph jig flies and Blooms soft hackle jig. Size 4-8 on the larger nymphs; size 10 through 14 for the trailers.  Hatch flies – dry, emerger or nymph have been size 10-24. Three to 5X tippet depending on size of fly.


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