South Fork

April 20, 2019 9:00 am

The South Fork of the Shoshone is a smaller version of the North Fork of the Shoshone.  Flows are coming up but still good for wading. Water quality is changing as one gets closer to Cody, due to very  warm temperatures this past Thursday and Friday.

The South Fork has been fishing well up in the Valley School section.  Nymphs have been the most productive method for catching fish using small (12-18) bead head nymphs like the North Fork Special, Copper John, or Hares ear.  We’ve also been catching fish on dries midday when clouds block the sun.  Smaller parachute Adams and BWO imitations have worked well when cloud cover is present. We should also be seeing Skwallas and March Browns any day now. We will be keeping you posted as things change on the South Fork of the Shoshone. You might want to throw a streamer in the bigger holes.

Don’t be afraid to use an attractor fly as your indicator.  South Fork fish are known for eating weird stuff on top really early in the season.

CFS: 383 cfs (this measurement is below several irrigation diversions. Flows are a bit higher in the South Fork Valley, not much.

Flies: Tan North Fork Specials, Copper Johns, Pheasant Tails, Hares ears, Prince Nymphs, Halfbacks, Rubber leg Nymphs, Para Adams, Midge Pupa and Dries, 20 inchers, Soft hackles and Blue Wing Olives and Olive Sculpin patterns.

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