Lower Shoshone Tailwater

May 22, 2019 9:00 am

Water clarity is good in the canyon section but off color from Sulphur creek down.  Mothers day caddis are hatching along with some blue wing olives.  Streamers to the bank might be the most effective way to fish until the river clears.

Flows:  2016 cfs

Wet flies; Firebead sowbug, Purple and Peacock Prince, San Juan Worms, Midge pupa, Pheasant Tails, Bloody Mary’s, Jigged Soft Hackles, Anellids,  Zebra Midge, Tan North Fork Specials, Winter Stones, Rubber legged streamers and leech patterns.

Dry flies and emergers: Mothers day caddis and some blue wing olives.

Sparkle duns, adult midges, parachute Adams, Blue winged olives, gray elk hair caddis, bow-tie midge, non-weighted PT and gold-ribbed soft hackle nymphs, size 16-22.

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