North Fork

June 15, 2019 9:00 am

Attention: The North Fork is closed to any kind of fishing from the West Arm of Buffalo Bill Reservoir upstream to Newton Creek Until July 1st, 2019, July 15 on the Buffalo Bill’s West Arm. (Annual closure to protect mature spawning rainbow and cutthroat). Above the closure one can fish the softer water and some of the tribs early in the morning if cool weather drops the flows somewhat —  but the fishing has been spotty due to trout spawning, water velocity and water color.

We expect the North Fork to be high and off-color until after July 4 due to the snowpack coming down. Near Yellowstone Park’s East Entrance down to Grinnell Creek, the river has been in better fishing condition than typically seen mid-June. Anglers have been enjoying the surprisingly good water quality this past week thanks to cold temps above 9000 feet. As one moves down river, water quality deteriorates to Buffalo Bill Reservoir.

Flows CFS: 6120  (This flow measurement is in Wapiti Valley.)

Flies:  Big (size 2-6) heavy Sparkle Stones, Shagadelic’s, Halfbacks, Double bead stones, Pats Rubber legs, North Fork Specials in black with silver bead or the new redhead/black patterns, San Juan Worms, Big Jigged Soft hackles, 20-Inchers, Bitch Creeks, Streamers and egg patterns. Larger nymphs – 4-8. Dropper flies – size 10-12.  North Fork Anglers also has the new jig style nymphs in popular sizes and colors for the North Fork.





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