Lower Shoshone Tailwater

June 15, 2019 9:00 am

Visibility is 12-15 inches. The water is dirty from the dam release through Cody and becomes more dirty as the river flows to Powell, WY. There are fish being caught but the action has slowed down with the water conditions changing. Caddis, midges and golden stones are active below the dam and through town.

Trout are being caught in the slower water along the banks and deep runs. Two nymph rigs or streamers to the bank is an effective way to fish until the river clears.

Flows:  guestimating 3080 cfs. The gauge is not working.   

Wet flies; Firebead sowbug, Purple and Peacock Prince, San Juan Worms, Midge pupa, Pheasant Tails, Bloody Mary’s, Jigged Soft Hackles, Anellids,  Zebra Midge, Size 6-14 –Tan, black or red head North Fork Specials!, Rubber legs, streamers and leech patterns.



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