Yellowstone Lake and River below Fishing Bridge

July 10, 2019 9:00 am

Yellowstone Lake is fishing well along the edges. Fish Mary and Sedge Bay for cutthroat and lake trout. Lake trout, if caught, must be killed immediately. Check your Park regulations on what to do with lake trout. All cutthroat must be released!! Streamers have been working well, whether in a boat or fishing from shore. Black, olive or brown woolly buggers are reliable. Size 4-10.

The Yellowstone River at LeHardy Rapids is flowing 4650 cfs today – up from our last report. The river will remain closed until July 15, then open for the rest of the fishing season in Yellowstone Park. The Yellowstone below Tower Falls is huge but can be fished along the edges upstream from where the Lamar River enters the river. Two fly nymph rigs recommended. Stoneflies are out on the lower river now! Dry dropper (Stimulators, chubby Chucks, Chernobyl ants) rigs working well along the edges. Wading deep is notrecommened!

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