Lower Clarks Fork

October 14, 2019 9:00 am

The Clark’s Fork is fishing fair for rainbows, browns and whitefish.

Blue wing olives, midges, caddis and gray drake are the hatches. Water temps are dropping quickly. Flows on the lower Clarks Fork are coming up due to snow and rain.

Try fishing  rubber legged stonefly nymphs trailed by a smaller beadhead along the banks in the softer water.

CFS: 576 cfs at Beartooth Ranch area. 

One can wade the river in places now downstream from the canyon. Water quality has been going up and down based on wet or dry periods.

Flies for the lower Clark Fork:  Streamers are your best bet, backed by sowbugs and small nymphs. September fished well on medium size rubber-legs in black, brown or purple are good. Trail these with black, tan or Redhead North Fork Specials, Prince, hare’s ear, pheasant tails, or a Blooms soft hackle jig.

Dries are yellow stimulators, trudes, parachute adams, Griffith gnats, renegades, sparkle duns and gray wulffs.

Streamers: Wooly buggers, slump busters, JJ specials, Sex dungeons.


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