North Fork Shoshone River

March 23, 2020 4:32 pm

The North Fork of the Shoshone is rated as one of the best free stone rivers in the northern Rocky Mtn West. The river fishes best March through the end of October.

Right now, the trout have begun moving into the river and moving up stream at a rapid rate. Anglers have had their best success fishing Buffalo Bill State Park where the river enters Buffalo Bill Reservoir. The fishing is fantastic currently. Don’t miss the action!!

We recommend stout fly rods – fast action 5-7 weights right now. 1X-3X tippet recommended if you want to put one of these large trout into a net!!¬† ¬†Large bead head stonefly nymphs (sizes 4-10) and Wade’s North Fork Special with black bodies and red, purple, or silver bead heads (sizes 6 through 14) are working extraordinarily well.

The North Fork has an annual closure from Buffalo Bill Reservoir upstream to Newton Creek inside the Shoshone National Forest, April 1-July 1. Fishing is allowed west of Newton Creek while the rest of the river is closed to protect spawning native Yellowstone cutthroat, rainbows and cutbows.

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