Lower Shoshone Tailwater

March 14, 2020 9:00 am

Flows:  564 cfs

The BuRec has started increasing the flows on the Losho which has injected a significant amount of floating debris into the river.  If flows stabilize we should have good fishing by the end of the week.  If the flows keep rising it might be some time before you’ll be able to get a clean drift and the fish get active again.

BWO’s and midges (size 20) below the dam and through town to Corbett Bridge area. Hatches best midday, or 12-3. Streamer and nymph fishing is spectacular right now!

We have also been seeing some caddis moving around on the river lately.  This is a month earlier than usual.  Smaller soft hackle nymphs have been working well mid day.

Wet flies; Firebead sowbug, Purple and Peacock Prince, San Juan Worms, Midge pupa, Pheasant Tails, Bloody Mary’s, Jigged Soft Hackles, Anelids,  Zebra Midge, Size 10-14 tan, Silver, purple or red head Black North Fork Specials, small tan NF Specials, Rubber legs, streamers and leech patterns.

Dries: para Adams, para bwo’s, Griffith gnats, black caddis, bwo and midge emergers, sparkle duns, standard bwo’s.

Streamers: Orange blossom, Zonkers, Sculpinators, JJ’s conehead, Peanut Envy, Sex Dungeons, Wooly buggers.

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