Luce and Hogan Lakes

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Hogan and Luce have been fishing well. Water temps are in the 60’s. Access to Luce is from the Hogan reservoir parking lot. If the road is dry, access is no problem. If it has been raining, 4 wheel drive might required. Sight casting on Luce has been productive. During the heat of the day, go wet with small leech patterns or bead headed soft hackled hare’s ears, pheasant tails, Prince nymphs and damsel fly nymphs. Please make sure you fasten the gate to Luce Reservoir to prevent cattle from escaping. Also, there have been sightings of grizzly bears on... View Article

Yellowstone Lake and River below Fishing Bridge

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Yellowstone River in the Fishing Bridge to Mud Volcano area still closed until July 15, 2020 Discharge from Yellowstone Lake at Fishing Bridge is 3460 cfs. The Yellowstone River has caddis in huge numbers flying around below LeHardy Rapids, as well as PMD’s, some green drakes and Flavs, golden stones and salmonflies. Please be careful wading once the river opens. At these flows the river is pushing hard on wading anglers. Floating in boats is not allowed in case you don’t know. Expect to have trout rising to stonefly adult dry fly patterns, as well as dry caddis, pale morning... View Article

North Fork Shoshone River

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The North Fork of the Shoshone is rated as one of the best freestone rivers in the northern Rocky Mtn West. The river fishes best March through the end of October. CFS: 1060  Flows are rapidly dropping on the river now. Water quality on the upper North Fork is improving. Guided trips have gone well even though the water is still high (it is early July yet) and and in great shape inside the Shoshone National Forest. The river has cleared, but flows are swift and heavy in the Wapiti Valley. Weather is not as hot and bright the early... View Article

Madison, Gibbon, and Firehole YNP

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Gibbon: 117 CFS; Madison at W. Yellowstone 407 CFS; Firehole at Old Faithful 51 CFS. The Firehole at Madison Junction is 227 CFS  The Firehole, Gibbon and Madison Rivers are open to angling. perfect. These rivers are fishing well.  Spruce moths and caddis are on the water as are some stoneflies. A caddis pattern dry or wet is advised. Size of flies are 10-20. Pack bear spray and mosquito repellent!! Be safe and know Yellowstone has their own Covid 19 Plans and Procedures to follow, so have a mask handy when in a crowded parking lot. A valid YNP Fishing... View Article

South Fork

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The South Fork of the Shoshone is a smaller version of the North Fork of the Shoshone, with more boulders and pocket water and less public access to BLM, State or USFS land. CFS: 583 cfs  Flow readings are in the South Fork Valley section, 30 miles from Cody. Wading will be difficult in many places. Flows are still high and swift. Water quality through Valley on the upper S. Fork has improved enough to fish well but is still a glacier greenish gray. The river is loses clarity below the Valley section where irrigation returns hit the lower S. Fork... View Article