Canyon Section of the Clarks Fork

July 27, 2020 1:00 am

We recommend fishing the deep part of the Clarks Fork canyon after mid July for safety reasons. By mid-July access and fishing will be much better than early July in the Reef Creek and Deadman Creek areas. Expect flows to be high even after accessible mid-July. Caution is advised if trying to cross. Buddy up.

Access into the canyon of the Clarks Fork requires a good heart, stout body, excellent wading skills, bear and mosquito repellent.

Dries – royal trudes, royal Wullfs, stimulators, humpies, elk hair caddis, parachute Adams and Ho Candies for dries.

Nymphs would be Pat’s rubber legs, black or tan North Fork Specials, Halfbacks, Prince nymphs, bloody Mary’s, and Bloom’s optic nerve. Sizes 8-14.


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