East and West Newton Lakes

July 27, 2020 1:00 am

The East Lake and West Lakes are fishing okay, not any better than that due to both lakes being more full than seen in decades. Water temps in the high 60’s on the East Lake.

East Newton is fishing fair except early morning or late in the evening. Trout numbers – rainbows, browns, tiger trout and splake – are down and the size of the lake has doubled which spreads out the trout. Access and parking is limited to the SW corner of the former parking lot.

West Lake is also much more full compared to past years. Cutthroat are the only species of trout in the lake. Non native goldfish have been introduced into the West Lake.

The West Lake is fishing well. Fish the trees and shoreline structure where the trout seem to be holding. A float tube, small pontoon boat or larger is better to fish from than wading the edges due to water levels. Callibaetis, midges, caddis and damsel flies are active on both lakes. Ants, beetles and now hoppers are the terrestrial insects on the lake.

Flies: Buggers, ice cream cones, Chironomid pupae and larvae, Clouser minnows, scuds, Wade’s black North Fork special, wire worms, damsel nymphs, light Cahills, parachute Adams, tan sparkle caddis, Wade’s bow-tie midge and adult damsels. Trina’s ant, Wades’ horror, magic beetle and Joe’s hopper for terrestrial imitations.






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