Lower Shoshone Tailwater

July 9, 2020 11:00 am

Flows: CFS 2974.   The BuRec is slowly bringing the flows down.  Buffalo Bill Reservoir is completely full so the BuRec has to release the water to keep the dam from breaching. 

Water quality is getting better as the flows drop and Buffalo Bill Reservoir waters clear. Fish the canyon and the section through town. However, the flows are such that floating is a white water trip, not fishing so much unless one is pitching streamers to the banks. Wade carefully if in the canyon or swifter sections through town. Rafts, not driftboats, are recommended at these flows.

Caddis, midges and golden stoneflies are out. Not much dry fly action due to flows. Wet flies; Purple and Peacock Prince, San Juan Worms, Pat’s rubber legs, black girdle bugs and black North Fork Specials.

Streamers: Orange blossom, black, brown or dark olive Zonkers, darker colored Sculpinators, JJ Special conehead, Black Peanut Envy, dark Sex Dungeons, black or brown crystal buggers and other dark streamers that have a lot of hackle or movement.

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