Upper and Lower Sunshine Reservoirs

July 27, 2020 9:00 am

Leech patterns are very effective this time of year. Bead head nymphs stripped or slow trolled behind a kickboat or float tube also work well. Scuds best if fishing the bottom near the shoreline.

Damselflies are out on Upper Sunshine now. Upper Sunshine is mostly small stocked cutthroat. Fishing pressure is the reason for the diminished size.

Fish damsel nymphs, soft hackled bloody Mary’s and midge pupae for best results on Upper Sushine. Hoppers, ants and beetles are also working on top. Some imitations that do well for dry fly anglers – Ho candy yellow, Joe’s hopper, chubby chuck gold, parachute Adams, foam beetles, magic beetle, foam red or black ants.

On lower Sunshine, larger streamers are effective on the splake and tiger trout in the lake. In shallower water, leeches, scuds, bead-headed nymphs, zebra midges, bow-tie midges and wire worms work well as do hoppers and larger ant or beetle patterns.

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