Yellowstone Lake and River below Fishing Bridge

July 27, 2020 11:45 am

Yellowstone River in the Fishing Bridge to Mud Volcano area still closed until July 15, 2020

Discharge from Yellowstone Lake at Fishing Bridge is 3460 cfs.

The Yellowstone River has caddis in huge numbers flying around below LeHardy Rapids, as well as PMD’s, some green drakes and Flavs, golden stones and salmonflies.

Please be careful wading once the river opens. At these flows the river is pushing hard on wading anglers. Floating in boats is not allowed in case you don’t know. Expect to have trout rising to stonefly adult dry fly patterns, as well as dry caddis, pale morning duns and some green drakes or Flavs throughout the day. Nymphs that work well opening day and week are rubber leg Pat’s stones, girdle bugs with dark legs, black and tan N. Fork Specials, double beaded dark stones, Prince nymphs, soft hackled bead heads – brown, gray, olive. Sizes for dries and nymphs are #6-#14. Have fun!

Yellowstone Lake is open for angling. Fish that until the Yellowstone River opens for angling, July 15. The lake and river is managed for native Yellowstone cutthroat which must be caught and released. Lake trout caught must be killed when caught to protect native Yellowstone cutthroat trout. Releasing lake trout alive is illegal.

Read the regulations regarding fishing tributaries to Yellowstone Lake. Stream closures have been lifted on the tributaries feeding into Yellowstone Lake. The outlets should fish great and there should be some cutthroat in the streams yet.

Surface water temps at the lake is 56 degrees. Fish streamers – woolly buggers, zonkers, muddlers and typical baitfish or leech imitations along the shore line. Beaded nymphs size 8-12 are working well cast out and stripped back. Prince, black North Fork Specials, bloody Mary’s, gold ribbed hares ear soft hackles and soft hackled or standard pheasant tail nymphs also working this week. Wear insulation and fish a stout 5-7 weight 9-10 foot fly rod.


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