Crandall Creek

October 15, 2020 1:00 am

Crandall has low flows now, but decent insect activity. A hike around private property is required to avoid private water. The canyon area below the Crandall Creek Bridge down to the creek’s confluence with the Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone is also a good bet in late September and early October.

When fishing above N. Crandall, use a hopper/dropper rig for consistent action. Also, the dry fly action can be good all day if fishing smaller hopper patterns or attractors like para Adams, trudes, Wulffs or coachmens.  Other dries – yellow or orange stimulators, elk hair caddis, ants and beetles are good dries for the creek late September through mid-October.

Nymphs – North Fork Specials, black, tan, or black with red or purple beads work great here. So do Prince, pheasant tails, bloody Mary, midge pupae and soft hackles.

Pack bear spray!! Bear activity is high in Crandall and ALL of the upper Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone tributaries, lakes and main stem of the river.


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