North Fork Shoshone River

October 20, 2020 11:30 am

The North Fork of the Shoshone is rated as one of the best freestone rivers in the northern Rocky Mtn West. The river fishes best March through the end of October.

CFS: 656

Flows jumped with the recent rains and snow melt. The water quality is dirty to grayish green closer to Pahaska Tepee. Water temps are dropping and the trout are spread out now rather than being stacked up like they were through late August. Stealthy anglers will do better than those that just splash into the river. The trout are holding in deeper water where there is cover and lots of rocks or downed timber. We are also seeing some browns pushing up the river for spawning. Some are really big!

Guided trips are still a go for the the N . Fork. We are now Walk/Wading the river since the flows are marginal for floating the lower river. We are fishing nymphs or streamers now, but we are still catching a few on smaller hoppers and parachute Adams. Dry fly activity has really slowed since the snows began October 4.

REMEMBER – You must have in your possession a valid Wyoming Fishing License.

Hatches – small BWO’s, scattered midges, some fall caddis

Flies: Wet – tan or black North Fork Specials size 10-14 are working very well, especially the black bodied red or purple tungsten bead versions! Other wet flies that are working in size 6-16 –  Fat bastard, Epoxy stone, double beaded stones, Pat’s rubber legs, girdle bugs, bead head or regular Prince, copper Johns, hare’s ear or peacock soft hackles.

Dries – Tan, purple or gold chubby Chucks (#6-#12), Horrors (rubber legged hopper) Yellow or natural (#8-#12), royal Wulffs (#10-#18), parachutes olive or gray (#12-20), Klinkhammers, gray, brown or olive #12-16, royal trudes (#14-18)

NOTE — Private property laws apply when floating below the US Forest boundary through Wapiti Valley to Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Be prepared for encounters with land owners if not obeying the water laws.

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