Bighorn / Wind River

July 11, 2021 9:00 am

Flows remain lower than normal on the Bighorn/Wind River. Water quality is good above the Wind River Canyon below Boysen Dam through the town of Thermopolis and downstream to the Wakeley Game and Fish Access area. Lots of moss has created problems when nymphing or fishing streamers. This happens every year, but, it’s still a pain to clean flies after every cast!! The fishing has been  fair to good despite this annoyance.

Nymph and streamer fishing is the name of the game with some dry action smaller caddis, bwo’s and Trico spinners.

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Flies:  Nymphs – Zebra midges, San Juan Worms,  Yum Yum scud, Small Pheasant Tails, Scuds, pink soft hackle sow bug, Yuk Bugs, Pats Rubber Legs, Jig-head nymphs, midge pupa, wire worm, smaller North Fork Specials, black or tan.

Dry: Caddis, hoppers, Tricos and Trico spinners

Streamer patterns. Zirdles, Leeches, woolly buggers and cone-head zonkers, double bunnies, sex dungeons and muddler minnows are also taking trout.

Hatches: caddis, hoppers and tricos.

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