East and West Newton Lakes

August 23, 2021 9:00 am

East Newton is catch and release, flies or lures only, NO BAIT!

Fishing is fair to decent on East Newton. Water temps have dropped recently due to cold weather and lots of rain. The trout are enjoying a break from hot water temps. Anglers will enjoy the refreshing change of trout attitude.

Flies to use: Midges, Calibaetis mayflies, caddis and damsel flies are hatching. Trout have been responding to parachute Adams, Rickert’s Calibaetis nymphs, Calibaetis sparkle dun, damsel fly nymphs, blue damsel dries, Hare’s ears, Pheasant tail nymphs, bow-tie midges, Calibaetis spinners and dark bodied smoke jumpers, woolly buggers, seal buggers, midge pupae, bead head midges or small bead nymphs..






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