Bighorn / Wind River

August 7, 2022 9:00 am


Fishing has been fair to good due as of late. North Fork Anglers’ guided trip guests are having fun and landing some monster browns and rainbows on the flies listed below.

San Juan worms, Sow bugs, soft-hackled sowbugs, size 14-20 tungsten bead nymphs and girdle bug patterns have been the ticket.  We have also had success dead drifting zirdle bugs, yuk bugs, and thin mints. The flow gauge for Boysen releases seems to be messed up. Based on our latest reading, flows are almost double as of this report.

We apologize for not updating our fishing report pages as regularly as some of you would like to see. We do hope you understand our predicament and forgive us for any oversight when it comes to the fishing reports. 

Should you want an immediate update on flows, water quality, hatches, fly suggestions, we advise you call, not email, North Fork Anglers at 307-527-7274 for that. We also suggest and recommend that you do the same for the 2022 Guided Trip season to reserve dates and guides. We are already getting bookings for March through October guided float and walk/wade trips in 2022. If you have your dates picked out, we urge you to get a deposit made as soon as possible so you don’t miss the chance to float or walk/wade Cody/Bighorn area rivers and streams. 

Book a guided trip with North Fork Anglers and we will show you how big the trout can be!



Nymphs –  San Juan Worms,  Gummy worms,  red, orange or pink wire worms, Pats Rubber Legs, sizes 4-12; Yum Yum scud, Small Pheasant Tails, pink, orange, gray or olive Scuds, pink soft hackle sow bug, sizes 12-22. Jig-head Spanish bullet nymphs, midge pupa, Zebra midges, sizes 16-24,  smaller (12 or 14) North Fork Specials, black or tan.

Dry and Emergers: Midge patterns, Trico spinners, Hoppers, elk hair caddis, RS2, black bodied sparkle duns, smoke jumpers.

Streamer patterns. Zirdles (best), crayfish, leeches, woolly buggers and cone-head zonkers, double bunnies, sex dungeons. Other leech or baitfish streamers not listed are also working. size 2-10.


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