Reports for Bighorn/Wind River

Bighorn / Wind River

May 22, 2019 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Both the Bighorn and Wind River Canyon are fishing well right now, although we are seeing much fewer trout in the river this spring.  Water temps are slowly warming up and the fish are becoming more active now that the spawning is about done. Look for BWO’s and Midges on the surface. The trout and carp are keying on the emergers and adults now. Nymphs – scuds, worms, midge pupa, p-tails, yum-yum sowbug and firebead sow bugs.  The Hot Flies for the Horn have been firebead sowbugs and yum-yums fished deep! Flow: 2156 cfs Flies:  San Juan Worms,  Yum Yum, Small Pheasant Tails, Scuds, Sow... View Article