Reports for Lower Clarks

Lower Clarks Fork

May 22, 2019 9:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

  The Clarks Fork has decreased in flows substantially in the last few days.  Take advantage of this opportunity to fish it before runoff starts up again. CFS: 1970 (these flows are at Belfry, MT) Flies for the lower Clark Fork: , large rubber-legs in black, brown or purple are good if trailed by a black or Redhead North Fork Special, purple soft hackle jig flies, Prince nymph jig flies and Blooms soft hackle jig. Size 4-8 on the larger nymphs; size 10 through 14 for the trailers.  Hatch flies – dry, emerger or nymph have been size 10-24. Three to 5X... View Article