Reports for Shoshone River Drainages

South Fork

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The South Fork of the Shoshone is a smaller version of the North Fork of the Shoshone.  Browns, rainbows and Yellowstone cutthroat. Hatches have been caddis, pale morning duns, smaller golden stones and green drakes inside the Shoshone National Forest. Flow readings are in the Valley section, 30 miles from Cody. Pay attention. Public and private lands intersect. Trespassing is enforced big time. CFS: 427 in the S. Fork Valley – Water quality is excellent in the Forest area.  Match the hatches. Action has been good to awesome. Bear spray also recommended everywhere one goes on the South Fork.

Lower Shoshone Tailwater

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Flows are staying steady and the river is fishing well from boats or if wading the edges. Clarity is good below Buffalo Bill Dam through Cody down river to Sage Creek and the fly fishing has been very good in this section of the Lo Sho.  The river becomes more dirty as the river flows to Powell, WY. Caddis, BWO’s, midges and golden stones are active below the dam and through town. Evening hatch activity has been spectacular! Flows:  2044 cfs.   Wet flies; Firebead sowbug, Purple and Peacock Prince, San Juan Worms, Midge pupa, Pheasant Tails, Bloody Mary’s, Jigged Soft Hackles, Anellids,  Zebra... View Article

North Fork

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The North Fork of the Shoshone is fishing very well now top to bottom! However, the river is transitioning after a batch of thunderstorms over the weekend. Visibility is 18-24 inches in Wapiti Valley. The river is more clear as one moves up river to Yellowstone Park. We are busy guiding Walk/Wade and Float Trips now. Angler success gets better every day as the river and its tributaries drop in flow. Flows CFS: 535 – (This flow measurement is in Wapiti Valley.) Hatches are really going on now that the flows are nearing normal for this time of year. Go smaller... View Article