Reports for Shoshone River Drainages

North Fork Shoshone River

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The North Fork of the Shoshone is rated as one of the best freestone rivers in the northern Rocky Mtn West. The river fishes best March through the end of October. CFS: 2710  Flows are rapidly dropping on the river now. Water quality on the upper North Fork is improving. Guided trips have gone well even though the water is still high (it is early July yet) and and in great shape inside the Shoshone National Forest. The river is clearing but still very high and swift in the Wapiti Valley. REMEMBER – You must have in your possession a... View Article

South Fork

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The South Fork of the Shoshone is a smaller version of the North Fork of the Shoshone, with more boulders and pocket water and less public access to BLM, State or USFS land. CFS: 1870 cfs  Flow readings are in the South Fork Valley section, 30 miles from Cody. Wading will be difficult in many places. Flows are still high and swift. There is a slide on the upper South Fork which is still impacting water quality above Cabin Creek all the way to Buffalo Bill Reservoir. When the river clears, golden stones, caddis (late afternoon), green drakes (midday) and yellow... View Article

Lower Shoshone Tailwater

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Flows: CFS 2974.   The BuRec is slowly bringing the flows down.  Buffalo Bill Reservoir is completely full so the BuRec has to release the water to keep the dam from breaching.  Water quality is getting better as the flows drop and Buffalo Bill Reservoir waters clear. Fish the canyon and the section through town. However, the flows are such that floating is a white water trip, not fishing so much unless one is pitching streamers to the banks. Wade carefully if in the canyon or swifter sections through town. Rafts, not driftboats, are recommended at these flows. Caddis, midges and... View Article