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The Bighorn has been fishing well using smaller nymphs, sowbugs and aquatic worms. Dry fly action has been slow due to cold day time temps in Thermopolis and at Boysen Dam. The water temps on the Bighorn are much cooler than the lower Shoshone, but the action is consistent using small dries, nymphs, or streamers. There are some heads sipping midge emergers and adults, as well as a pretty decent BWO hatch around 1 pm. Flies: Big articulated streamers, Buggers (All sizes and colors), JJ Specials, Crayfish patterns, San Juan worms, Sow Bugs, Scuds, PT’s, Midge Pupa,  Midge adults, BWO’s... View Article



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The Lower Shoshone is an overlooked jewel in the fly fishing community. Offering ample fishing access and eager trout, the river is must for the fly fishing enthusiast. This is one of the only rivers in the Rocky mountains you can fish year around due to the influence of the hot springs trickling in above town, but here’s the real kicker….. The lower Shoshone rocks all year long. Best results have been midday until dusk for top water action. Nymphing is always reliable on the “LoSho” and remains so as of this report. Float trips have been doing well fishing dry/droppers to the bank and... View Article


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The South Fork has fished pretty good when the temperatures have been at, or above freezing. We haven’t seen too many days like that since mid-December, but this week is supposed to have temps in the lower 30/s to mid-40’s during the day. Try the South Fork. Nymphs or streamers work best during the warmest part of the day – usually noon until 3:30 p.m. Flies: Wet flies and streamers: North Fork Specials, PT’s, Hares ear, Copper Johns,  Buggers (all colors), Slump busters (all colors), JJ Specials, and all your favorite streamers. Dries: Too cold for dries. However, size 14 and... View Article

North Fork Of The Shoshone Fishing Report

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The North Fork of the Shoshone is pretty shut down due to Arctic temperatures that has frozen over much of the river inside the Shoshone National Forest and in Wapiti Valley, west from Buffalo Bill Reservoir. Warmer temperatures won’t be changing these conditions until late February or sometime in March, 2018. That also coincides with the run of native Yellowstone cutthroat and rainbows in the spring. Flows:  ICE cfs