Float Trips in Cody, WY

Float Trips in Cody, WY

  • $550.00 per 1/2 day Cody Area Only
  • $625.00 per full day trip Cody Area
  • $650.00 per full day trip out of Cody Area

**Price includes up to 2 anglers.

Float Trips, by their nature, allow anglers to cover a lot of water Most of North Fork Anglers float trips cover 6-10 miles per day. Fly fishing from a boat not only allows you to float over lots of trout in a single day, but also to sit back and see some of the remarkable scenery and wildlife found in the Greater Yellowstone area. Moose, bighorn sheep, deer and elk are seen regularly, as are grizzly and black bears. Float trips allow for one – two anglers per craft.

"Float trips are perfect for those anglers whose mobility and balance are affected by wading, or for those anglers wanting to fish over as much moving water as possible before day’s end. Nymphs, streamers and dries can be fished easily and successfully by anglers on float trips."

The float trip season in North Fork country is usually through the months of July – September. The rivers North Fork Anglers guide on float trips are the North Fork of the Shoshone, the lower Shoshone River, the lower Clark’s Fork of the Yellowstone, and the Bighorn River in Wyoming. During September through April, North Fork Anglers only provides float trips on the Bighorn and lower Shoshone Rivers because the flows are regulated by dam releases. The freestone streams such as the North Fork and Clark’s Fork more easily fished by wading during those months.

Float trips require rods that are strong enough to fling streamers or punch the wind all day. Reels have to survive dropping in the boat, stopping a big fish on the run and waders that can take climbing in and out of boats. To help you get outfitted for a float trip now or in the future, we have provided a Recommended Gear section for you to browse. Without a sales pitch, you can choose what you think fits your budget and your needs. To help even more, Tim has given his opinion as a professional outfitter on gear or equipment that will perform when you need it most.