Walk/Wade Trips in Cody, WY

Walk/Wade Trips in Cody, WY

  • $475.00 per 1/2 day
  • $625.00 per day

**Price includes up to 2 anglers. Additional Anglers are welcome and cost $125/Angler for Full Day trips and $100/Angler for Half Day trips. Maximum 3 Anglers per Guide, per trip.

Walk /Wade Trips feature wild trout, solitude and scenery. On these trips, you will be shown how to “pick the water apart” by casting your fly over, around and under features of the river or stream you are fishing. These trips are not designed to be strenuous (although we can accommodate that, too) but, instead, they are designed to give you on-hand and over-the-shoulder instructions you might need in order to set the hook. Because you are not being coached from a moving boat, the personal attention you desire is immediate.

"Walk/Wade trips are the option for most of our anglers because you can have the streamside experience in an infinite number of locations where floating a boat is not an option."

Walk/wade trips also allow you to stay on the water longer to take advantage of the numerous hatches which occur in the last hour and a half of the day. Lots of big trout are caught and released on Walk/Wade trips.

Many of our guests are so new that a basic outfit is required in order for the trip to begin. North Fork Anglers believes those new to the sport or those already possessing some gear, would like some help in choosing the one fly rod that will work everywhere there are trout or bass. The same for reels, waders, boots, et cetera.